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I’ve been toying with a big Glee fan project for a few months, and now I am starting to get my ducks in a row. Consider this a a soft-launch, with the first bit of info to come after this season wraps up. The biggest thing I need help with is getting the initial post I’ll be making in May out there beyond what I’ll affectionately call the Klaine circle. I need Lea fans, Quinn fans, Santana fans, Finn fans, Will fans. Everyone. I have faith my trusty followers can do that! :)

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It’s just really important I think for fashion to be affordable, because everyone should have the opportunity to wear cute things and be happy and comfortable in what they are wearing. That’s definitely how I like to shop and how I like to think about clothes and fashion.

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Marley Rose in Glee 100.

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@JennaUshkowitz #LookingSoGOOD !!!
@JennaUshkowitz #LookingSoGOOD !!!
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glee 5.14 New New York

This is Our Community: Bisexual Anti-stigma Poster Campaign


LGBTQ: This is my community becasue I'm bisexual even if you think I look straightLGBTQ: This is my community becasue I'm bisexual and transLGBTQ: This is my community becasue homophobia + biphobia hurts me tooLGBTQ: This is my community becasue I fight for ALL our rights

More about these posters and the campaign (including detailed discussion of challenges faced by many non-monosexual Canadians), and a list of research studies here.

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